Voila at Home

We are delighted to welcome you to Voilà, our new service which lets you create & serve restaurant quality food & drink at home.

Whether you are looking to create a classic three course French meal or want to take inspiration from further afield, you will find fresh, tasty, seasonal dishes prepared with love & care in our kitchens by our wonderful chefs for you to finish off at home and enjoy. You’ll also discover our collection of classic cocktails, expertly created for you to mix & serve at home with little effort but plenty of flair. We have also included some of our favourite wines which beautifully complement our dishes.

We hope that you will explore, embark on new taste adventures, learn new skills & enjoy…


Whether you are looking for a simple but tasty midweek supper or are hosting a dinner party for friends & family, our beautifully cooked dishes are perfect for you to take home, finish & serve to your guests. We have created some of our favourite classics for you to enjoy at home alongside dishes that […]

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Voilà Promise

We take great pride & pleasure in the details to ensure the dishes we create are as tasty, fresh & seasonal as possible. We work with only the best suppliers to ensure the ingredients we use are as sustainably & responsibly sourced as possible. You are safe in the knowledge that you are only ordering […]

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Get inspired

All our dishes work together beautifully but if you are looking for some inspiration for a special occasion or want to try something different, have a look at our suggested menus below….

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Years of experience at the top of their industries & numerous awards between them, our team have created these easy to follow “How to…” videos to guide you through creating fabulous tasting dishes that also look beautiful alongside expertly-mixed cocktails. With top tips to ensure you create the perfect dining experience at home you will […]

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Order now

Ordering is easy, simply select the date & time of collection, pay & your meal will be prepped & ready for you to take home, finish & serve. It couldn’t be easier. Voilà!

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